Zmâla Cabaret

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The Zmâla Cabarets are a major venue for the circus community, a completely unique event in Québec City.

An evening where the artistic community has the chance to present the fruits of their work in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

This is an opportunity for the public to come and discover new talents. 

- December 2016 : 1st Cabaret 
- Février 2017 : 2nd Cabaret Saint Valentin
- May 2017: 3rd Cabaret 
- July 2017: 4th Cabaret Summer
- October 2017: 5th Cabaret Hallowen
- February 2018: 6th Cabaret Tropical
- May 2018 : 7th Cabaret Western
- November 2018: 8th Cabaret Glamour
- March 2019: 9th Cabaret Olympic
- October 2019: 10th Cabaret Midevil
- February 2020 : 11th Cabaret Cosmic


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