Rules and Code of Conduct


  •  Understand that it is a cooperative training environment that is based on mutual help between peers.
  • Understand that each member must volunteer some time to ensure the proper functioning of the cooperative. The involvement of each member is of great necessity, no matter what form it may take (fundraising cabaret, weekly maintenance, general meeting, cleaning up, being part of a committee, helping a committee already formed, etc.).
  • You can refer to the board of directors to validate your ideas or know who to contact to participate in volunteer tasks:
  • Understand that this is a dynamic environment that relies on the goodwill of each individual. Conceive that all members can be called to participate in different benefit events for the cooperative.
  • Understand that, as a member of Caravane Coop, the place belongs to you and therefore, you are responsible for it.


  • You must agree to comply with all regulations and the Caravane Coop Code of Conduct to be a member.

Code of Conduct

  1. A person must have read the rules, signed the release of responsibility form and paid the inscription before training.
  2. Everyone is responsible for the equipment in place. After using the equipment, it must be cleaned and stored in the place determined for this purpose. Acrobatic equipment must be stored after each use.
  3. It is mandatory to identify your equipment and put it in the space provided. Any unidentified equipment left in the space could be used by other members.
  4. It is compulsory not to use the material which does not belong to you and which has been identified by its owner as being "non-shareable", out of respect and for safety reasons.
  5. Plastic water bottles are allowed outside the carpet or mattress area and on the mezzanine. Food can only be eaten on the mezzanine or in the Lounge area at the entrance. Please collect your waste.
  6. Any food left in the fridge must be identified and dated. The fridge will be cleaned weekly and unidentified food will be thrown away.
  7. The opening hours must be respected.
  8. Take off your shoes at the entrance. Only indoor shoes are allowed on the premises.
  9. Collaboration and respect for others are values advocated by Caravane Coop.
  10. To ensure compliance in the common area, share your intention to hear a piece of music and agree on an acceptable volume that suits all.
  11. You must go through the front door and scan your chip card per person to enter the premises. (Even if the garage door is open)
  12. The garage door should be closed after dark.
  13. Bicycles must be attached outside Caravane Coop.
  14. General maintenance is the responsibility of everyone who uses the space: washing dishes, sweeping, taking out the trash on Tuesday evening, washing the toilet, changing the paper roll, etc. A small action makes all the difference in a common environment where everyone is equal and does its part.


Caravane Coop wants to minimize accidents and injuries that can occur while practicing your passion. To this end, it is imperative to follow the safety rules which apply to your discipline, or which apply to the entire establishment. We urge you to be careful, first and foremost!

  1. Respect for the space between apparatuses or different disciplines. It is essential to maintain a safe distance between users to avoid falls, collisions or other accidents.
  2. The space necessary for the practice of ground and aerial activity is delimited by the apparatus, always take it into account.
  3. Safety in training is a priority. It is strongly recommended to use a pit or acrobatic mattress at all times to practice.
  4. For safety reasons, there must always be another person on the premises when practicing acrobatic discipline. This allows a person to communicate with the emergency services in the event of an accident.
  5. Children must be constantly supervised during their presence on the premises. It is the responsibility of the children's supervisor to ensure that they respect the rules and code of conduct of the cooperative and that they do not interfere with other members' activities.
  6. Animals are prohibited.
  7. A first aid kit is available. There is ice in the freezer. Please enter in the register when you take material from the kit that will need to be replaced, so we can ensure that the material will always be available for you.
  8. In the event of an accident, completing an accident report is required (available with first aid kit).
  9. We count on everyone's cooperation to notify Caravane Coop as soon as an apparatus, equipment, mattress or other appears to be defective.

PDF Rules - Safety and Code of Conduct