Free training

A suitable and adapted place for circus and related arts at your disposal in Quebec City

How does it work?

To access the different subscription plans you just need to become a member at a minimal cost of $40, payable once for life. To do so, you must make an appointment with us through our email address or by writing to us on our Facebook page. Then, you can choose a package that suits your needs and schedule. Once a member, you will get (with a $10 deposit) a magnetic key that will give you access to the premises according to your subscription. Please also note that it is never necessary to renew your subscription continuously. Once you are a member, you are free to register according to your needs and availability.

Who can train?

Anyone! Whether you are a professional artist or not, whether it is part of your work or a hobby, everyone has access to it. Of course, a capacity assessment will be done when you register. Depending on the discipline you practice, making sure you are self-reliant is imperative for everyone's safety.

Is there equipment available? 

You are invited to bring your specialized equipment, which you can also leave on-site between your practices, but Caravane Coop provides members with a wide variety of circus equipment and mats. Several rigging points are available, as well as a surface of foam carpet (Flexi-roll), for better comfort and safety. There's also a spotting belt system, Chinese pole, and a conditioning area.

Pricing for Free Training

Prices Valid starting the 1st of January. Valid for members only * except drop-in

  • Monthly fee 100$
  • 20 entrees 85$
  • 10 entrees 55$
  • 5 entrees 40$
  • DROP-IN 10$ +5 for non-members.

* Taxes included