Free training

A suitable and adapted place for circus and related arts at your disposal in Quebec City

How does it work?

To access the different subscription plans you just need to become a member at a minimal cost of $40, payable once for life. To do so, you must make an appointment with us through our email address inscription@caravanecoop.com or by writing to us on our Facebook page. Then, you can choose a package that suits your needs and schedule. Once a member, you will get (with a $10 deposit) a magnetic key that will give you access to the premises according to your subscription. Please also note that it is never necessary to renew your subscription continuously. Once you are a member, you are free to register according to your needs and availability.

Who can train?

Anyone! Whether you are a professional artist or not, whether it is part of your work or a hobby, everyone has access to it. Of course, a capacity assessment will be done when you register. Depending on the discipline you practice, making sure you are self-reliant is imperative for everyone's safety.

Is there equipment available? 

You are invited to bring your specialized equipment, which you can also leave on-site between your practices, but Caravane Coop provides members with a wide variety of circus equipment and mats. Several rigging points are available, as well as a surface of foam carpet (Flexi-roll), for better comfort and safety. There's also a spotting belt system, Chinese pole, and a conditioning area.

Pricing for Free Training

Valid for members only * except drop-in

  • Monthly fee 100$
  • 20 entrees 85$
  • 10 entrees 55$
  • 5 entrees 40$
  • DROP-IN 10$ +5 for non-members.

* Taxes included