Workshops and private classes

Experience new things or come and teach your passion


Caravan Coop does not offer courses regularly. Its primary goal is to provide a venue, but several courses are organized by members for all. Although it's not mandatory to be a member to take a course*, it's often advantageous since there are discounts for members.

Various internships, workshops, or sessions from different disciplines are offered during the year, randomly. Stay tuned here or on our Facebook page to find out.

It is possible to apply for private courses or group courses. Contact us via Facebook or at to check out the possibilities. 
*IMPORTANT: the access to the training space for non-members is only accessible during the course hours.


Becoming a member of Caravane Coop automatically gives you the chance to use the local to offer courses.

2 options are available to you:

In both cases, you must have an access plan or pay the drop in on the day of your course and you are responsible at all times for the organization that surrounds it. 

  1. For group courses or courses offered without recurrent registration, participants may be members or non-members and do not have to pay for their access to Caravane Coop. You charge the desired amount and give 20% of your total income to Caravane Coop, up to a maximum of $40/h.
  2. For private (1 person) or semi-private (2 persons) courses, the participant(s) must pay the access to the premises either with a package or drop in at the member or non-member rate, depending on the case, and then pay the teacher as agreed. There is no 20% charge for the trainer.